About Us

We are a small home business that produces products designed to help people with skin problems that seem almost impossible to resolve. We create products for skin problems that we have personally experienced and have tested these products until they have worked.


Our story? Meet the founder – Ashley G.

Ashley suffered from many skin problems as a kid and throughout her adult life. Eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, keloid, acne, and much more. All of these skin conditions held her back from achieving her goals because it was a distraction. After testing many products on herself she was able to see what works for her skin. Unlike large brands where a product is marketed towards skin conditions without the knowledge or experience, Ashley wanted to be a brand that focuses on helping people who experience the same things.

We believe that if we can restore confidence in someone, they may be able to achieve bigger and better things. Confidence is a major part of success because you are likely to try new things and just go for it! When you feel good in your skin, you begin to feel more confident and therefore, more positive.

This is what makes us unique, we create and test the products on skin conditions we experience ourselves, and once we master the ingredients and get the results, we share them with you! We hope to help you restore your confidence so that you can focus your mind on trying new things and going for your dreams!